Calauris racine



YEAR: 2015


“It’s the time you lost for your rose that made your rose so important” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry –

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Soil type: white limestone matrix, with medium dough texture
Altitude and location: 40-60 metres o.s.l.
Place of production: c.da Coste Fredde, municipality of Noto
Plant density: 5.000 plants/ha
Grapes: Nero d’Avola in purity
Aging in wood: 12 months in 1000 liter barrels
Colour: deep red with purple reflections
Olfactory and gustatory sensations: aromas from the original grapes and ripe red berries Soft, full and enveloping taste
Alcohol content: 13,5 – 14 % vol. in relation to the vintage
Year: 2015
Litres 3

Additional Information
Weight 6 kg
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