Terre di Noto


In 1989 the enologist Nino Di Marco in love with the Noto and Pachino area and with the great qualitative peculiarities of its vines, Nero d’Avola and Moscato di Noto, decided to start a path for the creation of a winery able to combine the rich history of the territory with the technical modernity in the production of wines.

Today the “Terre di Noto” company extends over about 35 hectares of specialized vineyards with a wine cellar, mainly cultivating Nero d’Avola and Moscato, but also the main international vines.

The company falls within the production specifications of the D.O.P. Noto, Eloro and Sicilia, that are bottled, in addition to I.G.P. Terre Siciliane wines..

Since 2015, the company has been part of the SOStain project. SOStain is a voluntary and proactive corporate sustainability program, which is implemented through a “Sustainability process” capable of leading to gradual and continuous improvements in the level of sustainability over time.

In March 2016, the Company obtained the concession to use the“SICILIA KM 0” logo(which is a guarantee of the use of materials and services coming at least 85% from Sicily), whose purpose is to promote and enhance the quality of the regional agricultural productions, encourage their consumption and marketing, guarantee consumers better price transparency, and ensure adequate information on the origin of the products..

Since 2018, the company has become entirely organic, after a three-year period of conversion from integrated, which began in 2015.

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