Oil Burgjo



I.G.P. SICILIA BIO: 2023/2024
LITERS: 0,50


Available in 0.5 liter bottle bags but not only…

>> Bag in box 3 litres
>> Bag in box 5 litres

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Soil type: white in color with a calcareous matrix, with a medium dough texture.
Altitude and location:40-60 meters above sea level with gentle slopes overlooking the Mediterranean sea from which they receive the fresh morning breezes
Place of production: c.da Coste Fredde, keep of Noto

Cultivar: Verdese, Nocellare e Biancolilla.
Colour: intense green

Olfactory and gustatory sensations: medium fruity, it shows a distinct olfactory note of green tomato and freshly mown grass; to the taste the olfactory notes are confirmed, in addition to a moderate bitter and spicy sensation, overall very fresh and pleasant.

Year: 2023/2024
Litres: 0,50


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Weight 1,62 kg
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