Vintage: 2022
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Salicòrnia or sea asparagus is a spontaneous plant that grows near stagnant of brackish water, with a crunchy-savory flavour. It goes well with dry Moscato, a refined wine for starters based on seafood and raw fish,

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13% VOL – Total acidity 5.7 – pH 3.2

Look: light straw yellow with slight green reflections
Nose: elegant and exuberant, the complex aroma of the Moscato is made up of various notes including white peach, jasmine, sage and citrus flowers
Mouth: persistent, tasty and very fresh
Aging: to be appreciated young by discovering its evolution in the following years
Serving temperature: 8 – 10 ° C
Type of plant: irrigation counter-espalier
Pruning system: spurred cordon on old vineyards, guyot on new plants
Soil type: moderately calcareous
Fertilization: organic, green manure
Altitude: 40 m asl
Distance from the sea: 3.5 km from the Mediterranean Sea
Plant density: 5000 plants per hectare
Total hectares: 2
Harvest period: mid-August
Harvesting method: night mechanics

In the basement:

Destemming followed by soft pressing. Followed by cold static decantation and subsequent fermentation with selected yeasts at 16° for over ten days.
Maturation in steel for 8 months of which 2 months of aging on less, followed by bottling.

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