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Bees smell the scents of ripe grapes and are attracted to them. These tiny insects, notoriously gourmets, are true admirers of this precious juice and in harmony with nature, they appreciate its aromas and flavours before and in spite of man.

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12.5 – 13% VOL – Total acidity 7.9 – pH 3.3

Color: intense golden yellow.
Nose: elegant, with evident hints of honey and citrus notes, candied orange peel and dried figs.
Mouth: sweet, soft and enveloping with great freshness and persistence.
Aging: to be appreciated young and up to around six years of age, discovering its evolution towards more mature scents
Serving temperature: 8 – 10 ° C
Type of plant: irrigation counter-espalier
Pruning system: spurred cordon on old vineyards, guyot on new plants
Soil type: moderately calcareous
Fertilization: organic, green manure
Altitude: 40 m asl
Distance from the sea: 3.5 km from the Mediterranean Sea
Plant density: 5000 plants per hectare
Total hectares: 2
Harvest period: mid-August
Method of collection: by hand

In the basement:

Hand harvesting of the grapes at the right ripeness, drying on racks in the sun or with light shade for 7 to 15 days in relation to the climatic trend.
Subsequent destemming followed by soft pressing. Followed by cold static decantation and subsequent fermentation with selected yeasts at 16° for over ten days.
Maturation in steel for the following months and bottling in spring

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